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My Pumpkin My popular Halloween site has descriptions and photos of several home-built Halloween props and displays designed and built by Tony and me. There're also a few general purpose how-to's: Atari 800 Robotics, a floor mat sensor, a dirt cheap light beam sensor, and my technique for identifying salvaged transistors. There are well-described links to lots of images, videos, sound clips, and other prop how-to sites. And finally there's my photo gallery of interesting grave markers at Palm Cemetery.
Fractal image Experience the beauty of the Mandelbrot set. These are some of my favorite images and animations which I've created, or should I say found? I've been exploring the Mandelbrot set for years. I have some pretty nice photographs of images I made with my Atari 800! (An 8-bit 1.77MHz computer with 80x192 resolution at 4 colors!) Since I got my 486 I've been exploring with Fractint and have found some strikingly beautiful spots.
A brain My Web Log contains my thoughts on current events, politics, economics, religion, culture, etc.... I hope to sway a large percentage of you to my way of thinking and eventually become a powerful editorial voice to rival Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore.... Or not. Whatever. The Thinker On my Thoughts page, I present a collection of essays on various topics.
Helicopter I hope my RC Helicopter Buyer's Guide will help you better choose how to enter the exciting and challenging world of remote controlled helicopters. Should you start with a coaxial? Are the 2 channel helicopters worth bothering with? What are those little paddles on the rotor for? All your questions shall be answered. The C64 Printer My Epson Stylus C64 Printer Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Tips page tells you everything you need to know to keep your printer working well, save hundreds of dollars by refilling your cartridges with inexpensive ink, and thwart the evil machinations of the Epson corporation!
Doom logo. My Doom page is very outdated now, but I'm still proud of the map I made. Can you complete it at the highest skill level? Can you find all the secrets? Can you do it without cheat keys?! If you appreciate clever touches, puzzles, and extreme violence, you'll like this map.
A TIE. My TIE Fighter page has my original custom add-on missions for the enthralling Lucas Arts game TIE Fighter, reviews of other add-on missions, and links to the best TIE Fighter pages.
A book Stop abusing the language already! It bugs me when people screw up the language because I have to remind myself that it's wrong, otherwise I'll start doing it too! These things won't be caught by a spell checker so they're a good indicator of the education of people on the Internet.
A disk. I'll wager you'll want something from my PC Software You Never Knew Existed page. A collection of DOS and Windows software you wouldn't think to go looking for with descriptions and reviews.
My motherboard Allen's Adventures in Overclocking. This page contains overclocking test results from my 300MHz AMD K6 system. I used unaccelerated DOS Quake and Paint Shop Pro as benchmarks. This page is also outdated, but perhaps collectors of antique computers will find it useful. Tony with a finger in his nose. My co-haunter and friend Tony. I think in this photo his obvious talent and intelligence shine brightly for all to see.
Have a look at my review of the Canon PowerShot A3000 IS digital camera if you'd like to see how reviews of consumer electronics should be done.

This short time lapse video of my fireplace is interesting. I manually took a shot every two minutes with my digital camera. It's 640x480, in .WMV format, and is 1.18 megs.

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