These are all 1024x768 heavily compressed jpeg versions of my favorite Mandelbrot images. I claim full rights to all these images. If you'd like to use one or more of them in a commercial software product, T-shirt, poster or whatever contact me. I have all the mathematical data to create very high resolution versions.

Click on these little images for full rez versions!

This may be my favorite of all the images I've made. The red swirls around the mini-mandelbrot are stunning.

The coloration creates a shadow effect making the swirling patterns look as if they are floating above the background.

The many colors highlight the beautiful feathered patterns.

Bright orange and yellow make this quite striking.

The octagon and square shapes are very uncommon.

I love the self-similarity of this one. The same hook shape repeats infinitely.

The segmented and structured sections against a plain background make this look almost alive.

Allen's Mandelbrot Zoom II

Mbz2-small.mpg 274,461 bytes

Mbz2-large.mpg 8,495,800 bytes

This is my second zoom-in on the Mandelbrot set. The smaller version is maximally compressed, contains only every other frame, and only zooms in rather than zooming in and out. The larger version is way-cooler. Both are 320x200, 256colors.

I used CMPEG v1.0 by Stefan Eckart to generate the MPEG from the frames.

I used the free but powerful Fractint to create these images. DOS and Windows versions are available, however the DOS version can zoom much deeper into the set. You can zoom so deep that even my 1.7GHz Athlon takes weeks to complete the image! has a Java Mandelbrot app which lets you zoom into the set yourself right on-line! And it's as fast as any Windows Mandelbrot app you can download.
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