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Purpose of this Site

The main purpose of this site is not to provide fool-proof plans which can be blindly followed, but rather to provide examples of techniques for building cool stuff out of junk. It's my hope that this site will help you design and build your own original props and effects out of whatever parts are available.

History of Our Home Haunt

Every Halloween from 1991 to 1995, my pal Tony and I put on an increasingly elaborate haunted house in and around my home. The effort was about 50/50. The last few years we handed out about two hundred pieces of candy, and that doesn't count the many parents (not to mention stoned teenagers) who came in. As we designed and built various effects, we taught ourselves electronics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, computer controlled robotics, optics, artistic techniques, wood-working, crowd control, logistics, and the fine art of soiling other people's underwear (indirectly that is).

In 1996 we had to quit doing the inside stuff and just hand candy out at the door. We gave out about 200 pieces.

In 1997 I had to set everything up by myself because Tony moved out of town like the big schmuck that he is. He drove in on Halloween night to play Death and hand out the candy. I was still able to build a couple of new effects: The Un-Well, Hung Guy (a dummy hanging from a noose in a tree) and a ghost projector. It rained off and on until about 7:30pm. We handed out about 90 pieces of candy Halloween night, and another 30 the next night even though everything had been taken down.

In 1998 Tony drove in and played Death again. I motorized the Un-Well, Hung Guy so he'd raise and drop his leg which made him jerk around in the noose. I also built a light-sensitive circuit for the light on the "Dead End" sign at the end of my street so I wouldn't have to go turn it on. We handed out 191 pieces of candy.

In 1999 Tony drove up once again. We handed out 142 pieces of candy. The reduction in the number of Trick-o-Treaters was probably due to it being a school night, and confusion about which day to Trick-o-Treat on. I made a CD for the continuous outside sound effect. It's artificially low moaning wind with occasional ghostly moans, laughter, and whispers. I made all the vocalizations myself and then echoed them and modified the pitch of some of them with Cool Edit to sound like monsters, women, and children. I started building a new fog machine this year, but didn't get it finished. I put an all-metal pulley set up in one of the trees to hoist up the owl sound effect tape player and battery-powered speaker. Hopefully, it will last several years saving me numerous trips up a precariously positioned ladder. I made a fake mound of dirt for the grave out of newspaper pulp coated with caulk and painted with a mixture of sand and brown paint. It's much faster, easier, and cleaner to set up and tear down. And I finally eliminated the squeaking of the Un-Well, Hung Guy by adding wooden needle bearings.

In 2000 Tony finally abandoned me completely. I had to play the Grim Reaper, and hand out the candy myself. I gave out 143 pieces. The Un-Well, Hung Guy broke fairly early on. The home-made drive belt partially tore apart and stalled. My new Dangling Crank Spider (DCS) worked flawlessly. Once again, the faithful Flailer got several people. However, I had to adjust the light beam sensor again on Halloween night, even though I had it working perfectly the night before. I'm starting to think it's temperature-sensitive. The light-sensor on the Dead End Sign Light finally worked correctly after 2 years.

In 2001 Tony returned to play the Grim Reaper. Despite the irrational fears of terrorism, he handed out 121 pieces of candy. The Un-Well, Hung Guy and Dead End Sign Light worked perfectly all night. The Hellmouth reappeared after an absence of several years and was a big hit. The new fog chiller I built this year with six giant slabs of ice worked really well indoors, but the wind outdoors spoiled it almost completely. However, we did sometimes have low-lying fog for a few feet around the front door. The current draw from the fog machine interfered with the Dangling Crank Spider's speed. I changed the ghost face projection on the garage door from a slow fading light to an occasional strobe and successfully startled several people. The extra strobe light on the roof produced the best lightening effect ever.

In 2002 Tony once again left me to deal with the TOTs alone. He came up with some lame excuse about taking classes and working full time. Honestly, some people just don't have their priorities straight. I gave out (and had grabbed from my bowl) 147 pieces of candy. The Un-Well, Hung Guy stopped kicking about 2/3 through the night. The home-made belt loosened and stalled. The Flailer elicited several screams. The new strobe light on a mask in the door window got a handful of screams. Kathleen McCarthy from the Halloween mailing list dropped by and hung out awhile. She was taking a tour of local home haunts.

In 2003 Tony showed up with a brand new evil wizard costume. He sculpted really cool gnarled fingernails for it. I made a creepy new gravestone. The fog chiller didn't get a chance to work because the cheap fog machine couldn't run continuously. We didn't have as many trick-o-treaters as usual. I think parents might be taking their kids to Halloween parties instead. I hope the tradition of trick-o-treating doesn't fade away because parents think terrorists are plotting to put anthrax in candy or some other ridiculous notion.

In 2004 Tony did the evil wizard costume again and handed out 121 pieces of candy, exactly the same as 2001, wee-ooo-ooo! We made two new styrofoam tombstones and a boom light sticking out from the house to light them perfectly without any detectable source. We built four sections of cemetery fence out of PVC and 1x2's which looked great and were a big hit. I added a digital sound effect to the venerable Flailer, but it wasn't loud enough. Building an amp for it is at the top of my list. The Un-Well, Hung Guy worked perfectly all night. My super-powerful fog machine worked well enough, but the chiller was disappointing.

In 2005 the evil wizard handed out 116 pieces of candy. We made two new props: a 25 foot square spider web out of hot-glued rope between the two giant oak trees out front, and an IR-motion-sensor-triggered grave jumper with an unusually long forward movement. It comes up from behind the grave stone and out a full two feet! Despite being new and barely finished in time, the grave jumper worked all night and got several people really well! It badly needs some improvements, though. At the last minute we made a life-sized, cocooned trick-o-treater (complete with light stick) which we hung about 20 feet up in the web. We brought back the possessed mailbox after a few years hiatus. My fog machine's thermostat gave up the ghost at the last minute and couldn't be fixed in time.

In 2006 I was all alone again. Tony fed me some line about having a business to run 300 miles from here. Whine, whine, whine. So I was the one who handed out 119 pieces of candy. The non-pneumatic grave jumper was even more effective with a better control circuit, but he still needs a triggered sound effect. The new thing this year was a costume for me. I finally got prescription white contacts so I could see what the hell I was doing. Needing my glasses has always been a problem for me with masks. With black makeup around my eyes and the "He's A-Pealing" mask, I was quite creepy. I cut the eyes out so I could use my contacts, added a black velvet panel to the slack mouth for a much better illusion of gaping depth, and I repainted the bloody wounds. I also used liquid latex, white makeup, prosthetics, and blood on my hands. It looked great, but durability was a problem. I left a trail of white makeup all over the house! I had some trouble from a couple of dirty power plugs which I corrected quickly. The Un-Well, Hung Guy stopped kicking. I had put a new bearing in and failed to align the pulleys properly. Belts and pulleys are an enormous pain in the....

I enjoyed 2007 more because I bought a low-light video camera so I could see nearly everything happening outside while sitting comfortably. I handed out 126 pieces of candy. The funniest moment was when a boy standing in the yard next to the Flailer got smacked in the butt by it! I guess I'll have to rename it Father Flailer. The wind damaged the giant spider web a little. The Un-Well, Hung Guy stalled again when the belt came unwoven. The Grave Jumper died near the end of the evening due to a weak power supply and a gradually discharging battery.

In 2008 I handed out 121 pieces of candy, exactly the same as 2001 and 2004. Weird. The Un-Well, Hung Guy worked all night! The key was to get the pulleys very well aligned. My improved control circuit and redundant power supply for the Grave Jumper allowed it to work perfectly all night. After 18 years, I've finally figured out how to design and build reliable props. I enjoyed waiting for people to turn around and begin walking away down my front path, then following them quietly, and startling them from behind as they reached my driveway. At the end of the night the neighbor kids were yelling at me from their front yards to come scare them. They were watching my front door, so I went out the back and circled around to the street. I leapt out from a dark shadow behind a giant bush screaming just a couple yards from them! It was great.

In 2009 I handed out 162 pieces of candy. Quite a jump from last year. I almost ran out of candy! Oh, horror! One kid about eight years old hid next to my door, jumped out at me, and yelled. Fortunately, the walking dead don't startle, but I applaud his effort. I lost count of how many people were startled by The Grave Jumper and the venerable Flailer. I got great results following people down the path after they turned away from me. I got lots of compliments: "Hey, Mr. Allen! You rock!" "This house definitely wins the prize." "I want that pumpkin!" "Oooo, look at the spider!" The Flailer's sound box died the night before Halloween. I think the digital sound chip was killed by electrical noise from the control computer. I had to do a hasty rewire so a new chip could run on batteries instead of a voltage regulator. Everything worked all night except the owl in the tree. The old loop tape jammed. There's always something.

In 2010 I handed out 170 pieces of candy, and on a school night no less. I guess there's been a permanent increase in the kid population around here. The Flailer and Grave Jumper lasted nearly all night until a bad keyboard I should have unplugged crashed the Flailer's control computer, and a kid pushing on the Grave Jumper caused its take-up rope to get tangled. It wasn't damaged, but I need to improve the design to make it more kid proof.

In 2011 I handed out 183 pieces of candy. There was a bit of anxiety over rain, but things cleared up before ToT time. All my self-designed and hand fabricated props kept working all night! I fixed the Grave Jumper so it wouldn't get tangled again. The only problem was dirty battery contacts on the digital audio source in the Flailer's sound box. I got it fixed before the first people came. A guy actually fell down in the driveway when the Grave Jumper went off! He was late teens or older. I couldn't believe it. The Flailer made at least twenty people scream and jump, and many more reacted less violently. When the Flailer grabbed at him, I heard one full grown man say, "Oh, shit!" I chased kids screaming into the street several times. I heard lots of compliments.

In 2012 I handed out 126 pieces of candy. I was beginning to work on selling my house so I did a reduced haunt. I set up the grave stones, fog breathing pumpkin, the Dangling Crank Spider, and the Unwell Hung Guy. I put the fog machine out front and it worked pretty well. There was often fog hanging around the front of the house.

In 2013 I handed out 115 pieces of candy. I was just about to put my house on the market so I set up just the fog breathing pumpkin, the Dangling Crank Spider, and the Unwell Hung Guy.

I sold my house in early 2014, so I'm done with Halloween at least for a few years. It's been great fun.

The Effects

The Frankenhand Table

Dangling Crank Spider

Falling Chandelier

Grim Reaper

The Flailer



The Hellmouth



The Grave

The Eyes in the Bushes


Small Decorations

$50 Bill Shocker

The Sound Effects Setup

General Purpose Projects
Atari 800 Robotics

How to use an antique Atari 800 personal computer and a few easily scavenged parts to control just about anything. Includes BASIC programs, circuit schematics, and an Atari BASIC programming primer.

Light Beam Sensor

How to make a cheap light beam sensor out of easily salvaged parts. No laser pointer required. When the light beam is broken, the effect is triggered.

Mat Switch

How to make a floor mat switch out of inexpensive poster board and aluminum foil.

Allen's Wet Finger
Transistor Test

How to figure out the polarity and leads of an unknown, salvaged transistor.

Palm Cemetery

A photo gallery of interesting grave markers and tombs at Palm Cemetery in Winter Park, Florida, U.S.A. These might give you some ideas for your Halloween graveyard, especially the creepy mausoleum. The photos are very high resolution.


All the coolest Halloween nuts subscribe to the Halloween-L (Halloween mailing list). Professionals and amateurs trade ideas, suppliers, reviews of haunts, jokes, and technical information. Be warned however, during October this list is very active: over 300 messages a day! The Halloween-L Archives are a huge resource of haunting information. The Halloween-L Glossary is a cross-linked glossary of haunt-related terms and abbreviations.

PC Strobe Light is a free, small (7k) Windows program written by Tyler Brown which turns your computer's monitor into a three speed strobe light. It requires the widely available Visual Basic 4.0 Runtime Module. It's probably already installed on your computer even if you're not aware of it, but if not you can get it at

Haunting How-to Links

The MonsterList of Links to Halloween Do-It-Yourself Projects. The most comprehensive list of haunting how-to links I know of. Categorized links to many Halloween projects with pictures of each.

Phantasmechanics Online. Technical, how-to descriptions with photos and diagrams of the famous Flying Crank Ghost, the Grave Jumper, a transparent organ-playing ghost, and Hotel Lugosi: a miniature FCG/Pepper's Ghost illusion (nice video loop of this one). Also covers the use of compressed air, electronics for lighting and timing control, safety, and more.

Lawrence H. Lund's Halloween Page. Technical, how-to descriptions of his effects with pictures and video clips. See how a Flying Crank Ghost (FCG) moves. Has a detailed description of the famous Trash Can Trauma (TCT). Instructions for building a Jacob's ladder, a pneumatic cylinder, a bottomless pit illusion, Hoover the attacking dog, and more.

Don Bertino's Halloween Page. Lots of pictures of his garage haunt. Pictures of a few other people's home haunts. Instructions for building several great FX: Leaping Loafer, Trash Can Trauma, Flying Crank Ghost, Payback Pumpkin, and Grave Jumper. Instructions on how to build an air piston from PVC pipe. Electronic schematics for a light flickering effect and an event control timer (ECT). (Don is the owner/operator of the Halloween-L mailing list.)

Terror Syndicate. Spectacular animated effects and static props! Technical pictures and descriptions. The numerous construction pictures of his amazing alien prop are a must-see for any home-haunter. Dummies, a coffin cooler for a party, wall hanging made of bones, ceiling crawler dummy, spectral wall hanging, cocoon victim. Picture of his house with boarded-up windows. Instructions for a haunted party game.

WildRice Halloween. Pictures of their haunt. Excellent how-to stuff: An animatronic skeleton using computer-controlled servos and one of those 3-foot-tall poseable skeletons, a fog chiller which uses cold water circulating in copper cooling coils, a fog machine controller triggered by an IR motion detector, a pneumatic piston made of PVC which rotates as it extends, and a candle stick and door wreath made of spare bones.

Mark's Place. Detailed plans with photos and diagrams for 8 props: A haging cage for a small skeleton, a giant 12-foot-wide spider, a painting with glowing eyes, a skull with laser pointer eyes, an easy-to-build motion-triggered shaking and growling box (with video clip), a weird & hairy blob creature made of spray-foam with glowing eyes, a skull hanging from moving chains in a box, and a diseased-looking skull. Behind-the-scenes and photo tour of his home haunt.

Garage of Evil. Instructions for several projects with photos and videos. From simple, static props to sophisticated animated props involving welding steel and Stamp microcomputer controllers. Trash can fog chiller. Toe-pincher coffin. Foam tombstones. Quick skull casting.

Scary Terry's Halloween Pages. Very good photos & diagrams. Servo and audio stuff, several windshield wiper projects, complex coffin pop-up, vortex tunnel.

Bob's Halloween Page. This guy's turned his front yard into a great looking cemetery with a giant arched gate and iron fence, and he has lots of photos showing how he did it. He's got a photo and description of his moving ghost projector. His site also has tons of pictures of real tombstones (the really elaborate sculpted kind), and horse-drawn hearses.

2 Scary Guys. Several projects with plans and photos. Air cannon, fake stone walls, giant hand, coffin pop-up, air cannon, body slinger, and more.

The Horror Dome. Step by step how-to instructions for making: a giant animated spider, a transformation box illusion, a pneumatic pop-out rat, an exposed organs costume, a spider cocoon victim, a bottomless pit, and more. Or you can buy the props ready-made from them. Make-up tips with pictures. Pictures of their masks. Pictures of their very nice looking flying crank ghost.

Morbid Meadows Productions. How-to instructions with lots of photos for an electric chair, great tombstones, Pepper's ghost (transformation box), and a room idea involving blending an actor into the walls. Movie of their peppers ghost effect.

Moonlit Projects Page. Illustrated instructions for building a haunted tree, a fake rock speaker enclosure, eyes in the bushes out of Christmas tree lights, and gravestones. Excellent instructions for painting fake rocks realistically.

Lothar's Lair. Pictures and some how-to info on his opening coffin, rocking tomb stone, animated skeleton, obelisk, columns and gate, door actuated psycho puppet for the bathroom, and flying crank ghost.

Haunter's Hangout Cemetery Fence. Very realistic looking cemetery fence made of PVC and 1x2's, and using inexpensive plastic garden border fence for the top. Detailed construction how-to with lots of pictures. Tony and I built several sections of this fence, and it was a big success!

LadyIron's Hanging Man. Excellent how-to instructions with photos for a thrashing hanging man using an off-center weight and a windshield wiper motor. Lots of fog info, fog machine buying guide, fog safety. How to build a fog vortex effect. Fog strobe idea. How to make fog rise up out of the ground.

Jim Kadel's Haunt. Lots of pictures and sound clips from his home haunt with some technical description. Four technical projects with diagrams: a couple of circuits to make lights flash in synch with sound, how to modify a Radio Shack key chain digital recorder to be a prop sound source, and a simple spark generating device. An AVI of his cool transforming portrait.

Ironman's Haunt. Pictures of their home haunt. Several static and animated displays. Face stretching out of a TV screen with instructions. Vomiting baby doll punch bowl with instructions. How to make static props with "Monster Mud" (joint compound mixed with latex paint). Costume ideas. Links.

Eejit's Guide to Film-Making. Low budget special effects for films. Illustrated instructions for making a blood-spewing bullet hit with compressed air. Blood recipes.

Do It Yourself Haunted House Internet Guide. Pictures and descriptions of low-tech haunted house rooms. Tips on doing a professional haunt including advertising, safety, and supplies. A book and video for sale.

Spooky Joe's Halloween Shack. Several effects with construction info and pictures: simple pop-up effect, talking skull made from store-bought talking Christmas tree, flying crank ghost, witches' cauldron, a version of my Hellmouth, simple circuit for LED eyes. Categorized links.

Chris' Halloween Home-Built F/X Displays. Pictures and construction details of his large 8ft UFO, Axworthy Flying Ghost UFO, skeleton with bleeding eyes, flying ghost projector, spinning skull ghost, motorized up and down head, flying crank ghost, mini laser show, and rain-proof black light fixture.

Florida in the Fall. Malcolm Little's Axworthy Flying Ghost page has photos and a diagram of his version of the Axworthy ghost. It's a ghost suspended from an overhead cord running on horizontal pulleys. Photos of his home haunt including a giant spider on the roof.

Earthsands Halloween. Home-made fog machine inspired by mine with photos and diagrams. Info and diagrams on air-powered effects. Info on lighting, 2-way radios, black lights, strobes, and video transmitters. Ideas for low-cost, easy decorations. Lots of recipes. Photos of his haunt since 1997.

Project: Boris (Halloween section). Trash can jumper with technical pictures and description. Pictures of his decorations.

Dr. Gavin Miller's Snake Robots. Amazing robots which move exactly like real snakes. Several MPEGs showing how they move. The site only superficially explains their construction, but it gives us haunters something to shoot for in realistic robot movement.

The Bells' Halloween Page. Circuit diagrams for a programmable parallel port device controller for PCs with free scripting software and C source code. Info and schematics for modifying certain models of inexpensive PIR detectors to trigger effects. Info and schematics for modifying light dimmers for a Pepper's Ghost light cross-fader. Info and schematics on speaker wiring.

Halloween Net. Downloadable sound effects, ghost stories, party treats, tips for haunted attractions, safety tips, tombstone making, simple illuminated eyes, easy corpse making, spooky fence making, and more.

Halloween Online. Halloween articles, pumpkin carving tips, prop and special effects how-to, spooky events, Halloween party tips, how to make headstones, decorations, origins of Halloween, news, spooky CD reviews, Halloween surveys you can take, and Halloween humor.

Matt's Spooky Halloween Page. Pictures of his yard haunt: flying crank ghost, severed head, and pumpkin carving examples.

Kim's Inexpensive Home Halloween Ideas. About sixty inexpensive prop ideas with pictures, ten with instructions. Pictures to print out and use as creepy portraits.

Jeffrey's Halloween Hell. Lots of photos (technical and theatrical) of his props: hearse, headstones, guy under lawn mower, guillotine, coffin, flying crank ghost, and electric chair. Links to project sites and other Halloween sites.

Toyguy's Home Haunt. Lots of photos of their yard haunt. Coffins poking out of the ground. Witch stirring cauldron. Fence and gate with elaborate pillars. Lots of small, simple decorations. Some construction info.

Hedstorm. A description and history of their yard haunt. Good photos and instructions on their excellent tombstones. Well catagorized sound effects. Descriptions of props.

Home Haunters Paradise. Big site, lots to look through. Pictures of her home haunt. Simple, low budget costume and decorating ideas with instructions. Scene ideas. Black light info. How to make fake stuff, like books and trees. Fence-making. Make-up tips.

The Shrunken Head Page. How to make a shrunken head.

General Technical Info

Aaron's Electronics Page. Lots of electronics circuits including a strobe light, and parallel (printer) port interface. Unfortunately, there are no explanations of how the circuits work.

Acroname Inc. Under robotics/information/articles there's a page describing how to use transistors and relays to drive high current devices off computer data lines.

Bowden's Hobby Circuits. Lots of electronics information: projects with circuit diagrams, design software, and news groups. Haunters will be interested in a dozen circuits for flashing and fading LEDs.

Creepy Image Collections

Vault of Perversions. A large collection of truly disturbing images organized by artist. High quality jpegs of sculpture and painting.

The Andre Freitas Gallery. Eight good images of his creepy artwork. Some of these are also at the Vault of Perversions.

Horror, Fantasy, and the Grotesque in Art. More truly disturbing images. Pages on fear, religion, paranoia, madness, torture, sex, death, and war.

Alan M. Clark. He has two galleries with about sixty horror, pain, death, surgery, and creature-themed paintings. Good quality JPEGs.

H.R. Giger's Official Web Site. Lots of images of his excellent artwork. There's also a special page with images of his creepy furniture. This is the artist who designed the alien creatures in the series of Alien films. My site's background image is his work.

Mark Ryden's Artwork. Creepy portraits of children. See the "Blood" sections under paintings and drawings especially.

Dreamer of Decadence Online Gallery. Mostly horror-themed paintings and drawings by Robert Morris. Medium-sized GIFs.

Rod Serling's Night Gallery. Two dozen horror paintings from episodes of the TV show. Also has audio clips of Serling's introductions and more info on the show including an episode guide.

Brian's Page of Antique Weirdness. About 150 antique color and B&W photographs, drawings, paintings, cartoons, and 3D stereo pair images. Warning, this site isn't just frightening, some of the images are offensive, and many people would certainly consider some pornographic. Horror artwork. The images have the web site name overlayed on them, but it could be cropped out for use in a haunt. They're at least good for ideas.

Kim's Capuchins' Catacombs Corpse Page. A photographic trip to the Capuchins' Catacombs in Palermo, Italy. Lots of pictures of real corpses preserved and displayed.

Cimitero Dei Cappuccini in Palermo. Photos of real corpses posed and clothed. Lots of photos of tomb sculpture.

(See General Halloween below for more sites with images.)

Other Haunted Houses

Fobes Domain. Pictures of impressive props from their home haunt: A seven-foot-tall robot which stands up with a rotating Gatling gun (there's a video clip of this one), a fire-breathing dragon, a dummy stabbing a torso, a dinosaur skeleton. No technical information. Registry of haunted houses.

Haunted Kansas. Pictures of his home haunt. Big collection of links to how-to Halloween projects. Safety tips. History of Halloween.

Scott's Halloween Page. Pictures of his coffin and fog chiller box from his yard haunt.

Carl F. Stowell's Halloween Page. Pictures of his haunt. Not much how-to stuff. Lots of links to Halloween supplies, ideas, and history.

Jim Kadel's Haunt. Lots of pictures and sound clips from his home haunt with some technical description. Four technical projects with diagrams: a couple of circuits to make lights flash in synch with sound, how to modify a Radio Shack key chain digital recorder to be a prop sound source, and a simple spark generating device.

Hallowed Haunting Grounds. Fifteen excellent pictures of their California haunt. Cool phantom organist. Undulating wall. Tree of trapped souls. Lots of lighting and transparency effects. Technical info soon.

My Haunted House.US. Photos & videos of his yard haunt. Lots of static props.

S.P.E.C.T.E.R. Academy. Pictures of their haunt and lots of categorized links.

Terror Trail. A commercial haunt in Oakdale, Minnesota near St. Paul. Pictures, bone-chilling stories, Java games, and links. Nothing high tech.

Katzper's Horrors. Photo tour of their basement haunt. Rooms with lots of static props. Costumed actors.

Willy Mammoth's Pictures. Five pictures of Willy Mammoth's haunt.

Jamie's Halloween Page. Lots of pictures of their yard haunt. Diagrams seem to be under construction.

Gary's Halloween Display. Pictures of pumpkin carvings, a bloody guillotine, gallows, dummies, and an alien spaceship. No technical stuff.

Anim's Halloween Page. Several pictures of their yard haunt.

Spooky House Productions. Pictures of his yard display. Dummies based on modern and classic horror movie icons. Witch on the roof, window displays, graveyard, and spider web. Links. No how-to.

Brooke Hills Spooktacular. Pictures of their charity haunt. Great costumes and makeup.

Willy Mammoth's home haunt pictures. A little page with four pictures of his home haunt with descriptions. This'll give you a couple of ideas.

The Do-It-Yourself Haunted House and Halloween Site. Pictures and descriptions of his haunt. Will soon have how-to info.

CosmicRays. Pictures of his haunt with real fire coming out of the ground. Halloween links with pictures.

The Haunting at 332. Lots of pictures of his front yard haunt. Static displays with lots of dummies.

The Haunted Chamber. Spidella, Poison, and Incubus present some pictures and info on their haunt.

Eternal Rest Cemetery. Fifteen pictures of their home haunt. Some good stuff.

Corissa's Haunted Apartment. Party decorations for an apartment. Static and moving props. Some how-to info.

Creepshow Productions. Has pictures and descriptions of their Hudson Valley professional haunted attraction.

The Reaper's Realm. Lots of pictures of his home haunt. A little how-to stuff.

Kenny's '98 Halloween Pictures. Lots of big pictures of his home haunt: witch and cauldron, grave yard, guillotine, grim reaper, and haunted table. How to make a corpse.

The Cemetery of Lost Souls. A few dozen photos of their home haunt. See the 'photoblog' too.

Happy Campers Halloween. Pictures of their home haunt. Free Windows 95 software for running sound effects.

Pumpkinman's Web Page. Several pictures of his yard haunt.

The Haunt on Villa Linda. Pictures of Paul Boyd's home haunt. No technical info.

The Haunted Barn Virtual Tour. A photo tour of his low budget 1998 barn haunting. Cool headstones. Very little technical info.

General Halloween

Haunt World. Associated with Fright Times Magazine. The site has an article of the month from Fright Times, a list of dark attractions by state with contact information, photos of dark attractions from around the world, safety tips, marketing info, industry info, tips for running a dark attraction, a collection of images for web sites, and several message boards. No technical, how-to stuff.

Igor's Fright Shack. Lots of data files: pictures, sound and video clips from horror films, sound effect WAVs, MIDIs, and fonts with sample images. Tips for running a haunted house, stories, chat, ideas for effects, and links to how-to info.

The Ossuary in Sedlec - Kutna Hora. Photo gallery of a Christian church elaborately decorated with real human bones. A few stereoscopic photos. Very cool chandelier.

The WAV Place 2: Halloween/Horror section. Lots of WAV files: sound effects and clips from movies.

Millspaugh Mansion. Has MIDI, MP3, and RealAudio music; WAV sound effects; ratings of spooky CDs; creepy portraits; and literature.

Caverns Of Blood - Scary Stuff. Lots of animated GIFs, images, sounds, MIDIs, and scary fonts.

The Haunted House. A text-only tour of their home haunt. A large collection of Halloween MIDI and WAV files. Halloween True Type Fonts with pictures. Links.

Mark's 1997 Halloween Par-tay Background Sound. Lots of Halloween-related MIDI and WAV files, and instructions on how to mix them to create a background sound track.

Max Corbin's Halloween Page. Recipes, stories, and a bunch of sound effect WAVs.

The Cabinet of Dr. Casey. Horror movie posters, large art gallery, stories, and lots of AU and WAV files with text file descriptions.

Haunted Resources. Reviews of haunt-related books and videos. List of haunt-related magazines with descriptions. List of haunt merchandise dealers, commercial haunts, and electronics pages.

Fryte Bytes. Info on and pictures of (supposedly) real ghosts, ghost hunting clubs, lots of stuff for kids, 37 sound effects WAVs, lists of haunted house attractions across the country. (I think this is only available seasonally.)

Derek's Spooky Web Page. Projects: only the Alternating Flood Light Flasher, more to come. Clip Art: Animated GIFs and backgrounds. Haunted MIDI Archive. Links.

Liberty Ave. Spook Alley. Almost 50 sound effect WAVs. Info on their free haunt. The Halloween Music Authority. Streaming Halloween music and sound effects. Streams to Winamp. You can't save the files directly to your hard drive, but you can record them as they stream if your sound card supports it, and you should be able to record them through Winamp by selecting "Disk Writer" as your output device in Winamp.

Meaghan's Halloween Site. Lots of categorized Halloween links: haunting how-to, recipes, history, kid stuff, ghost stories, the supernatural, and more.

All things Gothic. Music and stories. Gargoyles. "Vampyres."

Halloween-O-Webbery. This one is a little cute, but it has lots of categorized links.

Amulet's Halloween Spirit Celebration. Lots of links to Halloween images, sound effects, MIDI music, literature, horror movie pages, costumes, decorations, and recipes.

Haunted Halloween on Halloween wallpaper, screen savers, fonts, icons, and cursors for Windows. Halloween recipes, history, safety tips, party tips, pumpkin carving, costumes, crafts, games, puzzles, quizzes, stories, poems, activities, humor, music, and sound clips. Spooky sheet music for sale with downloadable MIDI files.

Khi's Vampire Page. Vampire and gothic links.

My Page of All Kinds of Things. Links on Stephen King and the film Friday the 13th. Links to MIDIs.

Scott's Halloween Page. Pictures of his tombstones and cemetery fence. He's brought together haunting projects from several web sites on his projects page. Safety and security tips.

Beck's Halloween Place. Spooky images and animated GIFs. Halloween party recipes, decorations, costumes, and games. Halloween origins, history, and myths. Halloween theme, screen saver, and backgrounds for Windows. Links.

Karma's Halloween Haven. Lots of Halloween links with good descriptions.

The Haunted Home Page. A spooky interactive detective game in which you click on images to pick what to do next, a dozen sound effect WAVs to download, pumpkin-carving stencils to download, Halloween lore, and recipes.

Star Promotions. Windows screen saver and desktop theme site with Halloween category.

Gravestone Quotes. Actual engravings of celebrity gravestones.

Spooknet. Links to Halloween news articles. Page of ideas you can submit to. Six pictures of their home haunt.

Adam's Halloween Page. Categorized links with descriptions. List of Illinois haunted attractions.

Hallowqueen19. Scary stories, collection of skeleton images and animated GIFs, big list of links to spooky recipes.

Frights Chamber. Halloween related animated GIFs, lines and bars, backgrounds, clip art, and MIDIs.

Haunted Wisconsin. Reviews and info on Wisconsin dark attractions.

(stuff for sale)

Terror by Design. Haunted house supplies: fog machines and fluid, web shooter, floor mat switches, timing and control devices, body parts, props, mask making materials, florescent and phosphorescent paint, strobes, black lights, lasers, pin spots, books, videos, yellow police line tape, living wall rubber sheet, acrylic two-way mirrors, bloody magic tricks, and more. Secure online ordering.

Special Effect Supply Corp. Instructional books & videos, and supplies for making masks, prosthetics, and molds of your face & body (life casting). They also sell make-up, eyeballs, teeth, sculpting tools & supplies, airbrushes, pneumatic parts, fog machines, and flame retardants. $25 minimum.

Boneyard Bargains. Full size skeleton for $77. Lots of skeletons and bones.

Carl Chetta's Eastern Animatronics. Static and animated props, skeletons and bones, masks. Prices from $24 to $1365.

Gore Galore. Creepy background music CDs, giant $3,500 puppet, skulls & plaques, full-size corpses, animated tortured heads, severed heads, puppet for FCG mechanism. Reasonable prices.

H&R Company, Inc. Electrical components, pumps, air compressors, DC power adaptors, motors and related hardware, solenoids, pneumatic air cylinders, tons of great stuff. The whole catalog is online with pictures.

Mendelson Electronics Co., Inc. (MECI). Carries a full range of electronic and mechanical components. Motors, fans, books, wire, thermostats, solenoid valves, and computer hardware. No optics.

MCM Electronics. Electronics test equipment and tools, wire, electronic components, speakers, home security, much more. Search for products by keyword. Online ordering. Photos of all products.

Parts Express. Electronics test equipment and tools, wire, electronic components, speakers and speaker building, home security, stage lighting, batteries, much more. Online ordering. Photos of all products.

American Science and Surplus. Electronic components, tools, batteries, power supplies, motors, bearings, gears, belts and wheels, fans, pumps, optics and filters, lasers, and tons of toys and junk with haunting potential. Search for products by keyword. Online ordering. Drawings of all products.

All Electronics. Huge selection of electronics parts and hardware. Online ordering. Free catalog.

Haunted Attraction Magazine Online. Leonard Pickel's quarterly magazine for the dark amusement industry. $20/year. Do you know how to do something scary? Then write an article for Leonard. I did!

Chamber of Horrors. Costumes, masks, lighting effects, fog and web machines, books, tapes, posters, and professional animatronics for sale with tons of pictures.

Halloween Productions. Makers of professional effects for haunted attractions. Their site has lots of pictures and descriptions of their animated props. They have a photo gallery of their Darkness Haunted Theme Park located in St. Louis, Missouri. They also sell lighting equipment, fog machines, how-to video tapes, and professional mobile dark attraction units.

Mr. Scary Productions. Animated props from $525 to $3180, pneumatic and electronic parts for effects, mat switches, how-to books and videos, fire retardants, fog machines, lasers, professional lighting, static props, and skeletons.

Intersphere Laser Games. Expensive, professional animated props for sale. Mostly space themed. Intended for laser tag.

Haunt Master Products. Products for sale: LED eyes which fade in and out, the "Fright Lite" which causes regular lights to fluctuate spookily in various ways, the Event Control Timer which allows on-time/off-time control of triggered effects, and the Repeat Control Timer which continuously turns a device on and off for adjustable times. Very reasonable prices.

The Theme Factory. Props and scenes for sale from $210 to $1600. (They have Halloween props on two different pages.)

Spooky Planet. Props, masks, costumes, and statues. Lots of animated props priced in the thousands of dollars. High quality stuff.

Death Studios. Over 100 quality horror masks and props for sale with pictures and prices.

Halloween Mart - Masks. Lots of masks for sale with good pictures.

Creations FX Props. A line of 20 original latex masks from $29 to $100, creature busts, 7-foot-tall wearable puppet costume, foot-tall plastic standing creature model kits. Custom props & puppets for TV, theater, & haunts.

The Monster Shop. Many products and instructional materials for monster-making (masks and props). Good selection of realistic eyes. $35 minimum.

Rancid Studios. Custom props & masks for sale.

Gothic Wall Art. A few busts and plaques. Inexpensive. Online ordering.

Three Little Witches. Halloween and witchcraft books, decorations, fake critters, candles, and daggers for sale. On-line ordering. Pumpkin carving tips.

Frightline Mask Company. This site has four original masks for sale with good images of each.

An Old Fashion Halloween by Dragonfly Design Studio. Collectable antique Halloween decorations & reproductions. Edward Gorey stuff. Original artwork.

QCreator by QSound Labs. QCreator uses acoustic processing to expand the left-to-right range of sound beyond the physical separation of your speakers. It's a Windows 95 application which loads WAVs or AIFs.

It's Halloween. This is the home page for a $30 Halloween themed video game. Has screen shots and a few WAV and MIDI sound samples. The WAVs could be useful for a haunted house. There isn't a shareware demo version.

Jim-N-I FX Studios. Gargoyles, normal and fluorescent headstones, and theatrical backdrops for sale. Pictures of all products, and of haunt scenes using their products. Also has a page with several good haunting ideas.

The Wizard's Den. Fake blood for sale. Moulding and casting service. Pictures of their work. Special effects FAQ. List of special FX books.

Scare Tactics. Quality heads, full size skeletons, and free-standing sculptures for sale. Pictures.

Di Stefano Productions. Corpses for sale. Lots of pictures of their realistic-looking corpses. Some are anatomically correct, not for kids.

Design Toscano. Gargoyles for sale, lots of pictures.

Fiber Optic Products, Inc. Fiber optics, LEDs, power and control electronics, and Lightening Wire which is a continuously illuminated, flexible cord in multiple colors.

Le Maitre Special Effects Inc. Expensive, but very realistic flame effect. Fog and pyrotechnic effects.

DWM Productions/Mister Fogg. Commercial water fog machines starting at $1620.

Scary Stuff from Jeff's Studio. A collection of latex prosthetics for sale: teeth, bullet holes, cuts, stitches, and a skinned face.

Van Dyke's Taxidermy. No product info online, but you can request a free catalog online. I'm told their catalog has a nice selection of eyes (fake).

Carvin Keepers. A spray-on preservative for your carved pumpkins.

Medical Images and Videos

The Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page. Serious medical imagery.

Three Dimensional Medical Reconstruction. 49 medical videos, some made from real medical scans, some computer-generated.

Martindale's Reference Desk. Lots of serious medical image and video links.

Please report broken links. I can't fix them if you don't tell me!

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