Posable Skeleton

This is a $20, hard plastic, posable skeleton from the Oriental Trading catalog. I enhanced the creepiness factor by making him a pair of eyeballs. I made a mold of a computer mouse ball using gelatin from the grocery store, and cast the eyes in cement. (I used cement because I had it. Plaster would be a better choice for most people.) I then gave them 3 coats of white latex paint. I used a compass to draw circles for the irises, and then painted them black with a tiny brush. I then used the tip of a toothpick to paint the blue color onto the black using two shades of blue paint I mixed up. I also used a toothpick to paint the blood vessels on using a photo of real blood vessels as a guide. Finally I gave them a couple of coats of clear gloss spray paint for a wet look. I glued them in with hot melt glue.

Very cool pumpkin
My Pumpkin

A well-lit pumpkin can look pretty cool. This is a small, hand-carved pumpkin, about six inches high. It's lit by a small 12 volt bulb. Unbeknownst to the kids and their parents, this pumpkin was an important source of light for video taping.

Fang & totem pole
Fang and the Totem Pole

The two-foot-tall skull totem pole hides a blacklight which makes Tony's drawing glow. A bright LED inside the totem pole makes all the skull eyes glow red. The totem pole is store-bought, but Tony re-painted it. The original paint was sloppy and insufficiently horrifying.


This is a two-foot-tall rubber glow-in-the-dark K-mart skeleton under black light. We've made it look so way-cool by simply adding eye inserts made of fluorescent orange paper.

For sale sign
For Sale Sign

This full size for sale sign was in the front yard. That's a little plastic glow-in-the-dark skeleton hanging on the side. We ripped off the text for the sign from one we saw in a store. This version we made is fluorescent and lit by a black light.

Rat eating head
Rat Eating Head

An old stuffed mask, some rubber worms, a couple of eye-ball gum-balls, and a rubber rat make a gruesome little display on the top of a bookcase.

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