Frisky Close-up of book cover

This is a little store-bought pneumatic jumping spider. As people walk by, the spider suddenly jumps at them. When they try to grab it, it pulls back under a little bookcase. The wall on the right is fake. The spider operator sits behind it and watches the people on a monitor. The first year we had frisky, we didn't have the monitor so we extended the air tube and operated it from about ten feet away. Tony drew the cover for "The Giant Book of Incantations." The books on the bookcase are humorous fakes:
Book titles

"A Heartbeat Away" by Dan Quayle
"Cannibal Cookbook" by J. Dahlmer
"Salem Holocaust - Never Forget" (Published by Fireside Books)
"Soul Acquisition: A Multi-level Marketing Approach" by Mephistopheles
"Deadly and Undetectable Poisons" by A. Landsbury
"Satan: My Friend, My Master"
"A Guide to Reanimation" by Mary Shelley
"Haunted Fixer-Uppers" by Bob Vila
"Giant Book of Incantations"

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