The Headstone
The Grave

In the yard a two-foot-tall headstone reads: "Working on a power line he got a jitter, now he's a little black crispy critter." A hand reaches up from a mound of dirt in front of the headstone casting a shadow on it.

A 25 watt light on the ground in front of the headstone lights it. A plastic bag under the dirt makes it easier to clean up. The headstone is painted styrofoam which slides onto a small wooden stake in the ground.

Headstone Humidifier Later we added an ultrasonic humidifier to blow fog from under the headstone. If there's no wind, the fog rolls along the dirt of the grave and around the hand. It looks great. The humidifier sits behind the headstone and the fog is piped down to a slot in the bottom of the headstone by a corrugated aluminum tube.

The hand clamp The store-bought rubber hand is attached to a stake with a simple screw and wood clamp. The stake is hammered into the ground and then the hand is placed over it and clamped down by tightening the screw. It can't be pulled up by a child; they tried. We learned that anything loose will at least be moved or picked up, and probably stolen.

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