Jason with severed head Close-up of Jason's head

As people walk into the foyer, a strobe light suddenly illuminates a six foot figure behind one-way glass. He's holding an old lady's severed head and a knife.

Jason's head is a sculpture made with toy-store modeling clay on a styrofoam wig stand. The clay was coated with baby powder and then painted with latex paint. The eyes are cardboard inserts with the iris drawn on with markers. The old lady's head is carved styrofoam (Tony made an astounding mess) with a coating of latex rubber caulk and paint. (This head was originally for a dummy of an old lady which we were going to make stand up out of a rocking chair.)

Jason's strobe and control mechanism A pressure sensitive mat switch under the carpet triggers the strobe light. The mat is made of poster board and aluminum foil. A mechanical timer runs the strobe for a couple of seconds and then disables it for about 15 seconds. (Kids love to figure out how to trigger things and then become very obnoxious, ruining the effect for everyone else until they leave. The disable timer greatly frustrates them!) The strobe light is also mechanical. A bow tie shaped wheel spins constantly over a 100 watt bulb in a metal tube. The motor's speed was set for a good strobe effect by an adjustable power resistor. (We dohn nee no stickin' SCRs!) We built this effect in our extreme-low-budget days.

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