Stop abusing the language already!

Wrong: safety deposit box
Right: safe deposit box

It's a box in the safe at a bank. It doesn't have anything to do with safety.

Wrong: I could care less.
Right: I couldn't care less.

If you "could care less" then you must care some! Listen to what you say.

Wrong: In my past experience, this sort of thing is common.
Right: In my experience, this sort of thing is common.

The term "past experience" is redundant. All experience is in the past. It's like saying "female woman" or "round circle."

Wrong: Alot.
Right: A lot.

How much can you read before you notice that "a lot" is two words?

Wrong: A whole nother deal.
Right: A whole other deal.

"Nother" isn't a word, and it just sounds stupid.

Wrong: The explosion was well because the bomb worked good.
Right: The explosion was good because the bomb worked well.

"Good" is an adjective, it modifies nouns. "Well" is an adverb, it modifies verbs.

Wrong: He smelled the sock and than said it was ranker then before.
Right: He smelled the sock and then said it was ranker than before.

"Then" is used for time and if/then statements. "Than" is used for comparisons.

Wrong: The speech effected the crowd and a riot was the affect.
Right: The speech affected the crowd and a riot was the effect.

"Affect" means to influence. The only time "effect" is a verb is when something is produced or brought about such as in the sentence "Her bold actions effected change." Most people seem to ignore the difference between "effect" and "affect." "Affect" is pronounced "uh-fect" and "effect" is pronounced "ih-fect."

Wrong: When I program a computer, I just can't type anything.
Right: When I program a computer, I can't type just anything.

The first one seems to be about hysterical paralysis due to computer phobia.

Wrong: She lost total control.
Right: She totally lost control.

If you "loose total control," you might still have 99.9% control, just not total control.
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