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My Missions

I've created five original add-on missions for TIE Fighter so far. These missions have puzzles, unexpected twists, radio messages and multiple briefing and debriefing questions. If you fail a mission, the debriefing questions contain hints. You pose as a Rebel, go up against alien technology, desperately blast rockets out of space, surgically eliminate a frigate's laser turrets in order to destroy it, and blow away a cowardly traitor. The missions were thoroughly tested with the original TIE Fighter game. Some have map animations, and some vary with skill level. I've tried to make these missions interesting, realistic, and fun rather than monotonous, contrived, and smash-your-joystick-through-your-monitor difficult.

Animated explosion Download all my missions right now! It'll only take a second, it's only 13k. Unzip the files into a new directory and run the install.bat file. When you're done, run the remove.bat file. It's just that easy. Please report any bugs so I can fix them!

Other TIE Fighter Related Pages

Lord Soth's TIE Fighter index has several editors, cheats, and text files. Get the TIE Mission Builder here. It allows the creation of original TIE Fighter missions. It includes the Briefing Scripting Language (BSL) which allows creation of the briefing/debriefing questions and the animated briefing map.

Indigo´s Tie Fighter Page. Info on TIE Fighter and the new multiplayer X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. Original missions. About 50 well-described links to utilities, patches, and missions.

TIE Fighter. A few utilities and a bunch of add-on levels with descriptions.

The Emperor's Hammer. is the largest internet organization for players of LucasArt's Tie Fighter Game. Contains resources and activities for Tie Fighter Players including monthly newsletters, user made TIE Fighter missions, weekly IRC meetings and more.

Galactic Downloads. Several add-on multi-mission battles for X-Wing, TIE fighter, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. 640x480 screen shots.

TIE Fighter Homemade Missions and Battles. About 15 add-on's with brief descriptions.


I've been playing TIE Fighter for over two years now and I just discovered that if you hold down the secondary joystick button, you can rotate your ship around its axis!

If you hit the 5 key on the numeric keypad to change the view to straight up, you can easily orbit a ship by simply keeping it in view.

A tip for writing briefings with BSL: You can send any ASCII character from your keyboard by holding down the ALT key, typing the ASCII number on the numeric keypad, and releasing the ALT key. This is a function of your keyboard and can be used with any program. This allows easy creation of the codes for highlighting words, and controlling which questions appear in the debriefing.

Here's a patch to fix the midi hanging note problem in Tie Fighter.

TIE Fighter add-on mission reviews

Battle on the Frontier - The ShieldTech Research Lab, by Vyper - Lancer3 (CI$# 100342,1250) A very good six mission tour of duty with an engaging story running through it. Has full maps, briefings, and debriefings with hints. You get to test the new prototype shielded TIE Interceptor. You must fight mixed Rebel and pirate forces. The pirates have a few TIE's Advanced! Destroy capital ships, ID cargo, defend your mother ship. You must capture freighters to evacuate your station. At the start of one mission, your TIE Defender's shields fail. Some boarding operations take a really long time even with ALT-T time acceleration. One battle has a huge number of ships swarming around. Another mission has a field of those missile-firing mines, and since they can get through fully charged shields and do hull damage, you're dead after only two hits! Quite annoying. In the last mission, you must chase down a Corellian transport and kill the pirate leader. There's a trick to doing it. Complexity: High, Fun: High, Difficulty: High.

DeepSpace Syndicate Activity by the BullFrog ( Very good 5 mission battle with a story running through it. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Search out illicit cargo and blow it up. When you attack a freighter, it turns and hypes out the way it came. As you destroy a fuel depot, ships arrive for fuel and you hose them. Bonus goals. Shielded and unshielded ships. Very good radio messages. One pilot says, "They're too fast! Send he........" It says it requires Defender of the Empire, but I was able to play all but the last level without it. Maps, briefings, debriefings, and hints.

An Imperial's Dream by Vyper - Lancer 3 You get to crush the Rebellion once and for all in this mission. You are constantly harassed by A-wings and X-wings as you assist in the destruction of two capital ships, one of which is firing an endless stream of missiles at you! You must disable the escaping Millennium Falcon to capture the Rebel leader. You get a chance to kill Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Has briefing, debriefing, and hints if you fail.

The Rebels' Revenge, by Indigo Six missions, mostly unshielded. Fur ball dog fighting, ID ships for capture, protect fighter transfers, and destroy escaping shuttles. The missions have lots of radio messages and have a story running through them. You fight Rebel and pirate forces. In one, your interdictor arrives too late to catch a ship. You chase it and catch up to it in the next mission. In another you must protect an evacuation, and then run to your mother ship as you are swamped by fighters. Protect your frigate from another as they blast each other at close range. Maps, briefings, and hints if you fail. No debriefings.

SSFW-Reaper's 1st Training Mission, by Oni - Reaper 4 (CI$# 100325,2314) A single mission. I couldn't do it on Hard. Medium was plenty challenging. Lots of dog-fighting. You must destroy several waves of rebel craft in an UNshielded tie interceptor. On Hard, A-wings try to fire missiles at you! Then you must destroy transports and Y-wings to protect some disabled Tie Defenders. Fight Imperial craft at the end of a mission. Briefing and debriefing.

Revenge at Falcon Part I, by Ibrahim Chishti (CI$# 71470,2643) and Matthew Marks A single mission. The briefing, debriefing, and hints are in a text file. You assist your star destroyer in defending itself from frigates, corvettes, and a patrol ship. I only played this on easy, it's more fun that way. You must pay attention in order to achieve the secondary goals of identifying all the ships.

Revenge at Falcon Part II by, Ibrahim Chishti (CI$# 71470,2643) and Matthew Marks This single mission continues above mission. The briefing, debriefing, and hints are in a text file. You must single-handedly protect three frigates from heavy bomb attack by several types of ships including that annoying shuttle that shoots backwards. Destroy corvettes. ID and destroy containers. Some enemy capital ships don't defend themselves.

New Rebellion Battle, by Mark Shenefelt ( Six challenging missions. Elaborate, there are lots of ships doing lots of stuff. Multiple targets are being attacked which you must defend. You'll use your wing men. You can't win some missions the first time you play. You have to first figure out in what order to do things. Has mines firing ION blasts. You have to stop Rebel heavy lifters from grabbing cargo containers and hyping out!

Jaws of perdition, by Vyper - Foxhound (CI$# 100342,1250) A single mission with briefing and map. Defend a convoy of freighters in an unshielded TIE. Then defend your mother ship from counter attack. Take out advisors in shuttles for bonus points. This one is highly difficult. It took me several tries even on easy. Complexity: Medium, Fun: High, Difficulty: High.

Discovery of New Technology I: Surprise!, by Oni - Reaper 4 A single mission. Flying a gunboat, you must identify escaping craft from a space station and evade missiles as you clear mines and fighters for attacking craft. This mission has a cool Surprise which I won't give away. Primary, secondary, and bonus goals. Briefing, debriefing, and map.

Discovery of New Technology II: Surprise!, by Oni - Arrow 4 A single very challenging mission. Continues story of New Technology I. In a gunboat, you must disable and ID three fast Corellian transports escaping from a station while you're subject to fighter attack and fire from the station. Then you must rush to the aid of your frigate. Finally, you must aid in the capture of the station by clearing mines. There's a lot of chance involved; the mission can fail through no fault of your own. (I think the station is destroying the escaping Corellian transports as it fires at you.) Briefing, debriefing, and map.

A three mission tour by Gordon Thomas ( These missions are hard to fail, but still interesting. Defend your star destroyer in an unshielded TIE, take out a cruiser in a shielded bomber, and assist the capture of a space station in a TIE Defender. Destroy escaping craft. Avoid missile lock in the unshielded TIE mission. Fight pirates and rebels at the same time. Briefings and debriefings with hints. The map animations don't work exactly right with my version of TF. Radio messages warn and encourage you.

Dreadnaught, by (Email me if you know!) A single mission. No briefing, you must play it from the simulator with a pilot which has finished B1M1. You and two other TIE Defenders must inspect and destroy three frigates. Trivial to accomplish. Simple. It crashes if you play it on hard. Easy and medium work., by Dr. Grant (The Playground: 508-343-9163 14.4 8N1) A single mission. A modification of original first mission. Added Surprises. A freighter fires concussion missiles?!

SSFW-Training Mission no. one: Minesweeping, by Vyper - Foxhound 3 You must clear a large mine field in a shielded craft in this single mission. Some mines fire missiles. Nothing else is going on. See how fast you can do it. Has briefing and debriefing.

Capture & Recapture, by Indigo A five mission tour. It doesn't work correctly with the original TF. In one mission TIE's destroy the ships you are to capture. In another, ships sent to disable other ships don't have ion cannons. Mission 2 is very hard. You can't win the first time you play. There's no margin for error. You have to know what ships to protect and which ships are going to attack them. The radio messages are unoriginal, but the tour has a story running through it with a few twists. Map, briefing, debriefing, and hints.

Imperial Traitors, by Indigo A five mission tour. It doesn't work correctly with the original TF: First map locks it up, necessary craft collide and blow up, wrong craft make mission impossible. ID craft under fire. Protect a station from corvettes. You have wing men. Has a story, but it's weak. Map, briefing, debriefing, and hints.

Rebel Prototypes Battle, by Mark Shenefelt ( Five missions. Briefings and maps are not replaced. Has briefings in a text file. You attack a base and then have to rush back to defend your home ship. In some missions, the player's ship type changes based on difficulty. Unlike many other missions, you can actually destroy all the enemy fighters in these; Why should the Rebels have unlimited reinforcements? The author makes use of many unusual ships such as the escort carrier (big egg-shaped) and assault shuttle (shoots in all directions). The 4th mission seems to be impossible even on easy. The ships you are to protect get destroyed very quickly. I think they might be shooting at each other. This may only be a problem with the original version of TF. The last mission is very hard. You must defend stationary captured Rebel fighters from Rebel attack. You must use the threat display 'Z' to see who's attacking what. Complexity: Medium, Fun: Medium, Difficulty: Medium.

Capture the Jackal, by (Email me if you know!) A single mission. The map and briefing are not replaced, but it has a text file briefing. You must capture the frigate Jackal in a shielded TIE bomber. Inspect containers and assist in taking down their shields. Has bonus goals. Took me 41 minutes on hard. Watch out for those flying hunks of flaming X-wing!

Foxhound Squadron by (Email me if you know!) Five missions. First two are extremely easy. One mission didn't seem to work, necessary ships don't arrive. The next to the last one crashes my original version of TF. The last mission seems impossible to me, even on easy. One of the early missions is fun. You destroy cargo containers as enemy heavy lifters try to grab them. You have to deal with a mine field in an unshielded TIE. The missions have to be installed manually by renaming them. Briefings in text files.

Pirate Confederation Battle, by Mark Shenefelt ( Not very interesting 6 missions. Mostly stopping ships from attacking your capital ships, and destroying enemy containers and capital ships. You usually fly a gunboat. Has some weird primary goals, like destroying all but one of attacking craft. This can make it hard to complete the mission and move on. Doesn't have debriefing questions or hints. I couldn't complete one mission because a freighter which must be destroyed never arrives with my version of TF.

Crush Weapons Development Battle, by Mark Shenefelt ( Five missions. They crash my version of TF. I had to modify them to get them to work. I replaced the animation code and recompiled some. Changed player's ship type on another. The missions are fairly simple, not too difficult.

Rebel Assault Battle, version 1.3, by Four missions. Has briefing and debriefing. You ID craft and destroy a VSD. The last mission uses the missile boat as the player's ship which doesn't work with my original version of TIE Fighter. It's easy to change with Tie Mission Builder. Fairly good missions overall. One mission is extremely hard, you must destroy four each of missile-armed a-wings, x-wings, and b-wings in an unshielded TIE! I was only able to do it by drawing off one or two ships at a time.

Three missions by Olaf Wendlandt They have full briefing but no debriefing. I had problems with my older version of TIE Fighter. There are so many ships on two of the missions that some become invisible. This makes it hard to play, you can easily collide with an invisible capital ship while trying to ID nearby ships. I completed it though. Mostly unshielded missions. Very hard. Disable and capture ships.

15 Minutes 'O' Fun! by David Wessman A single TIE Fighter mission. I can play it, but can't complete it due to a bug (at least with my version of TIE Fighter). Its best point is the humorous messages and briefings. You mostly just destroy fighters and capital ships, nothing complex is going on.

Deepspace Recon by David Maxwell Two missions. I can't play the first because necessary ships collide and explode (at least with my version of TIE Fighter). The second mission is pretty simple, you just fight off A-wings in an old TIE to protect a docking operation.

Tie Fighter Freelance Pilot Battle, by Mark Shenefelt ( Six mission battle. Attack lots of capital ships. Missile boat as player's ship causes crash with my version of TF, I had to change it with TMB. One mission must be played on medium skill or a necessary target ship doesn't show up.

Tie Fighter: Collectors CD Battles by Michael Raven Twenty battles. I can't play them because they require the CD version of the game. They have briefings and debriefings.
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